James And The Giant Peach - Tea Bags
James And The Giant Peach - Tea BagsJames And The Giant Peach - Tea Bags

Best seller in the house! James and the Giant Peach Tea in a bag! Fragrant peaches blended with full leaf Oolong tea. Each bag steeps up to 4 cups! 

Please remember to remove your bag from your tea cup when it has reached your desired strength and keep it until you are ready for your next cup. 

All contents and the bags are made out of fully biodegradable materials. You can enjoy your full leaf tea with the convenience of not having to strain it and be guilt-free knowing that you can are not contributing to any additional plastic to our Mother Earth! The bags are made from a material derived from corn fibres, while the string and tags are also made from the same plant based materials as well! 

 **Friendly reminder: You can put this entire tea bag straight into the compost to help save the environment! 

  • Tasting Notes: Peach, Sweet,

  • Region: Fujian, China | Elevation: 800m
  •  Serving: 1 tea bag | Temp: 95C | Steep time: 3 min

  • Ingredients: Dried Peach, Oolong Tea, Natural Peach Flavour

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