Why getting 8 hours of sleep a night simply isn’t enough

When it comes to sleep, we’ve been told for many years that the optimal amount of sleep that we need to feel rested is around eight hours, depending on your age, gender, lifestyle and various other factors. However, what we’re not told is that eight hours of sleep may be enough to feel rested, but is it enough to look rested?Even when we sleep for a solid eight hours or more, this doesn’t always mean that during this time we have had the best quality of sleep and we can often still wake up looking a little, let’s say, disheveled. 

What we’re here to discuss, is how to maximise your sleep quantity AND quality so that when you awake you look as fresh as you feel, every single morning. 

A recent article by Stylist.co.uk found that 32.7% of women get just 6.5 hours of sleep per night due to the constraints of modern life – and this just isn’t good for your health. The article also cites the latest best-practice advice published by the NHS when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. This advice lists a number of recommendations that we can all take on board, including ensuring that your mattress, pillows and covers are comfortable. 

We believe bamboo bedding is the solution and in this post we explain why using it is the best way to sleek hair, smooth skin and most important of all, a better night’s rest.

Get your beauty sleep

Getting true beauty sleep takes more than just eight hours of rest, as we all know too well, it’s a process of a good bedtime cleansing and grooming regime. But often this grooming routine is far too time consuming for most of us. So what if rather than relying on winding down by taking long baths and using face masks, you could supplement your sleep further with your bedding, taking all of the hard work out of your hands so you can slumber peacefully while the silk gets to work?While an effective, consistent skincare regime is very important, you can make your efforts go further by caring for your skin throughout the night. Using silk bed linen helps to smooth out the skin, instead of creasing or crumpling it as typical cotton bed linen often does. This means that when you wake, there aren’t any extra unwanted lines in your skin and redness from friction is also completely prevented.Silk pillowcases and silk eye masks don’t just have fantastic anti aging benefits for the skin though, they also have many general skincare effects for all kinds of conditions, from acne and congestion to dry skin problems, redness and soreness. This is because silk isn’t an absorbent fabric, meaning one of two things:Firstly, harmful bacteria isn’t able to thrive in silk and so your sheets and pillowcases remain hygienic for much longer periods and in turn, this bacteria can’t spread to the skin as it might with more absorbent fabrics like cotton.The second is that because silk doesn’t take in moisture, your skincare products such as serums, moisturisers and overnight masks or treatments remain firmly on your face, absorbing into your skin as they should, instead of into your bed sheets. This means that any effort you do make with your beauty regime before bed doesn’t go to waste.So, in essence, your usual skincare routine and our silk bed linen and eye masks can make a strong team, ensuring that when you wake up in the morning you look and feel your very best, having experienced the most restful and restorative night’s beauty sleep.

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